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Business Essentials Seminar Series focus on trending topics and issues affecting SMEs including, growth opportunities and how SMEs can harness success in the digital economy and the challenging global market.

The series address key SMEs challenges and aspirations: digital disruption, access to finance, government grants, marketing, growth and profitability strategies, exporting and more

With the speed of innovation and the impact of AI and new technologies, industry experts will discuss new and critical options for business to stay ahead of the game. Other topics include the latest trends in cyber security, how to approach business funding in the changing financial landscape and insights from our partners.

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News Xtend

Digital marketing provider News Xtend gives insight into what platforms your customers are using, how they are using them, what they are looking at and how to know WHEN they are looking. Learn how to acquire new customers and then, importantly, how to nurture and grow your business.



Jonathan Attia

Managing Director of Wiise

Jonathan is the Managing Director of Wiise and a Director at KPMG’s Global Fintech Practice. As the MD of Wiise, Jonathan has led the business through development and launch and now is focused on the scale up phase. He has responsibility for achieving the financial and strategic ambitions of the company which include domestic and international growth and managing the partnership with Microsoft, Commonwealth Bank and KPMG. Before setting up Wiise, Jonathan spent a decade as a strategy consultant, where he specialised in developing growth strategies for his clients across Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.

Keynote Topic


Zoho is the operating system for business – a single cloud platform with all the necessary applications to run a business entirely from the cloud. Zoho offers applications for marketing, sales, customer support, finance, human resources, employee productivity and collaboration. More than 45 million users around the world rely on Zoho to run their businesses – including Zoho itself. Over the past decade, the Zoho suite has emerged to be a leader in the cloud and on your devices. Zoho applications are accessible on your mobile, so your team has the flexibility to work on the go and remain productive. When you choose Zoho for your organization or as an individual, you get our commitment to keep improving your experience and our devotion to customer satisfaction.


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Adrian Falk

Founder of Believe Advertising and PR (

Adrian Falk, has been successfully generating national and international press coverage for clients for over 17 years generating them profit through the power of publicity, often increasing sales overnight for his clients.

From an ASX listed mining company to millenials, Adrian has worked with a diverse range of clients including Furla, VDKA 6100 and Intercontinential Hotel & Spa Fiji to name a few including working withNovak Djokovic three times for HEAD and SEIKO.

Adrian prides himself on choosing charitable projects each month to support in honour of the publicity work that his agency has implemented for his clients.

From supporting local schools in Fiji with laptop computers to providing meals to school children in India and hungry youth in Malawi, and giving lighting for underprivileged families in third world countries,Adrian is all about giving back so that he can leave the world a better place than when he found it.



Judy Celmins

Co-Founder & Marketing Director of Engage4Insights (

Judy Celmins is a born marketer and seasoned entrepreneur with a variety of adventures under her belt. Keeping life fun & exciting!  Her guiding star is that “small business has an enormous opportunity over the big end of town, to build stronger relationships with their audience. Unearthing emotional insights into the Why of behaviour, and driving the innovation proven to scale-up your business.”

Nothing energises her more than seeing the creative process in action, unlocking often-hidden emotional triggers. “The fresh, breakthrough ideas sparked from their own customers, often surprises people!”

Judy is Co-Founder & Marketing Director of Engage4Insights.  Presenting an agile, new breed of market research developed on marketing principles. Designed to help Small Business reach out, and build stronger connections with their audience. While gathering insights you would otherwise miss out on. It’s always a stimulating journey working with Judy. Catch her on a roll and watch the ideas flow.

Unlock your customers’ hearts & minds, driving innovation to scale-up your business.



Harry Sanders

Founder & Dicrector at StudioHawk (

I am the founder and director of StudioHawk, a Google Marketing Specialist SEO company which helps businesses to drive the maximum possible organic search engine traffic and sales.

In 2019, with changing social media algorithms, and increasingly fierce PPC competition, effective SEO is CRITICAL for long term, bottom line growth for online businesses. Right now there’s a significant opportunity to be ranking on page 1 of Google for very profitable keywords in your niche, if you implement the right SEO strategies that matter most right now.

We won’t enter into a deal unless we know we’ll ace it AND we don’t ‘pad’ our retainers with mysterious SEO voodoo that sounds fancy but actually is a waste of time.

Our work is only made up of tested strategies that will generate you the fastest path to more leads and sales with organic search.

Andrew Laurie

Entrepreneur (

Andrew is on a mission to enable millions of business owners to not only create great businesses but also to lead extraordinary lives; lives providing the freedom that business ownership always promises yet rarely delivers. His systematic approach to designing and creating your ideal life and business is the one that he has implemented himself, to great effect, and that has been implemented successfully by countless clients

Regularly ranked among the top business coaches globally, and recognised in 2018 as Executive Coach of the year worldwide, Andrew has supported countless others to build prosperous businesses, delivering their owners enviable lifestyles. His approach to executive coaching is based on his business acumen and principles used when he grew a business from $50 million in sales to $2 billion in sales in under two years. Andrew has lectured in strategy and management at Sydney Business School, holds an MBA from INSEAD, Degrees in Economics and Law (Honours) from the ANU and is a published author of business books on strategy, management and the process of releasing yourself from your business.

 Andrew is also actively involved in charities aiming to empower young Australians to achieve more in life and to that end has worked with organizations including Rotary, Rotaract, Junior Chambers International, the Oaktree Foundation, White Lion, Open Families Australia and the Top Blokes Foundation. He continues to pursue his passion for sport and adventure and loves to spend time with his family and friends travelling, rock climbing, skiing, sailing or pursuing a range of other active pursuits. Over the years he has been a professional mountain guide, run ultra-marathons around the world, played cricket to a professional level, rode his bike, alone, across the Nullarbor plain, and climbed such iconic ascents as the Totem Pole in Tasmania.

– Untangling yourself from your business…to free you both
– Owning a business should offer an amazing level of freedom. Unfortunately, it often just offer amazing levels of work and stress. When the owner is tied to their business, when it relies on them, or when they have to keep turning up, it clearly has a negative impact on the life they can lead. What’s more, it creates a real constraint on the business. In this talk, you’ll learn the straightforward process to untangling yourself from the business; a process implemented successfully by Andrew and by countless of his clients. You’ll learn the steps and the psychology to removing yourself from the day-to-day; enabling you to create your ideal life and enabling your business to fulfil its true potential.


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Michelle Pascoe

Michelle Pascoe (CSP) is an international speaker, accredited trainer, researcher, author and podcaster. Establishing her company Optimum, Operating Procedures & Services (OOPS) in 1994 she has an undeniable passion for customer service. From a foundation in the Hospitality industry and an employer of 70 staff, Michelle has developed a strong repertoire of “real life” customer service/business success scenarios which she communicates to people from diverse business backgrounds in a variety of forums both locally and internationally.

With a proven track record and vast experience, Michelle specialises in every aspect of service operations and processes – looking holistically at the overall impact of the customer experience.

In Michelle’s primary role as a speaker and trainer, Michelle combines her extensive experience and specialised knowledge with an absolute commitment to igniting the potential in each and every individual, so they can achieve outstanding results. Program participants walk away from her presentations feeling inspired, educated and equipped to deliver exceptional service experiences.