Speakers List 2018

Chris Moriarty - Founder & CEO at Flat Planet

In 2010 Chris Moriarty packed his bags and bought a ticket to the Philippines and started a business; Flat Planet. flat planet focuses on building small teams of dedicated professional employees in the Philippines on behalf of clients in other countries, in particular Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the UK. having started from scratch eight years ago, today flat planet is an Australian success story and underpins a small group of businesses across the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Chris is now also a director on the board of Anzcham, the Australian New Zealand chamber of commerce in the Philippines, and also the treasurer of the Philippine chapter of AFL Asia. Chris talks about the mindset required to succeed in asia generally and specifically about the ideal way to approach building teams in the Philippines.

Louie Ramos - Co-Founder/Director Digital Strategy & Performance at Digital Presence

Louie Ramos is Co-Founder, Digital Marketing Strategist, SEO Expert and Director of Digital Presence. With more than a decade of experience in online marketing and SEO, Louie has an impressive track record of growing the impact and reach of businesses of all sizes through increasing organic traffic, enhancing customer engagement and significantly boosting online conversions.
It’s his passion for generating great results for his clients, through custom designed strategy, that has driven his success. With a strong technical background in Software Development, IT, Computer Network Engineering, Web and PHP development, Louie has the edge on other SEO specialists. This foundation of knowledge has supported his long career developing powerful digital strategy for the companies of all sizes, from Australia’s biggest telecommunication companies to start ups and SMEs at every stage of business. Louie is renowned for SEO strategy that never fails to increase site traffic and online visibility.
With an extensive history collaborating with brands in every industry, Louie has a lot of experience as a digital marketing consultant for big brands, while also having cultivated a passion for helping smaller brands and start-ups to launch and grow their business through impactful marketing campaigns.

Back in 2003, Louie’s digital marketing career began with a successful global web hosting service, which he promoted using very early social media and SEO strategy. Going on to become the co-founder of Digital Presence, it became clear that Louie had mastered a unique skillset. Having now worked for thousands of clients, Louie has developed an expertise for creating bespoke strategies that work according to each client’s individual needs to increase online traffic and Google search engine rankings, leading to increased engagement and improved conversion rates for businesses of all sizes.
Featured in The Advisor Magazine for his expertise in increasing brands’ marketing ROI, Louie is revered for his analytical mind, his in-depth understanding of Google algorithms and for his track record in delivering high ranking results on hundreds of competitive keywords on Google Australia, as well as in the UK, the USA and other European countries.

Website: https://www.digitalpresence.com.au


Website: www.hrblock.com.au/

Dean Maher -Regional Vice President Sales, Australia & Zealand, Cornerstone OnDemand

Website: www.cornerstoneondemand.com.au

Vanessa Hamilton - Director of Sales – SMB, Asia, Pacific & Japan, Cornerstone OnDemand

Website: www.cornerstoneondemand.com.au

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