Our Past Speakers

Rum Charles (MC) - Principal Consultant with the Australian Institute of Soft Skills Training (AISS Training)

Rum Charles is the Principal Consultant with the Australian Institute of Soft Skills Training (AISS Training).

Rum understands the importance of soft skills. No matter how great your business, you still need to communicate your value to customers. Yes, we live in a digital world, but the human element cannot be underestimated, think – Richard Branson, Elon Musk or Naomi Simson from Shark Tank, they are all great communicators.

Customer Service and Accounts Receivable are the twin pillars for success, both require outstanding communication skills.

Come along to hear how collecting the money is the key to truly great profitable relationships.

Louie Ramos - Co-Founder/Director Digital Strategy & Performance at Digital Presence

Louie Ramos is Co-Founder, Digital Marketing Strategist, SEO Expert and Director of Digital Presence. With more than a decade of experience in online marketing and SEO, Louie has an impressive track record of growing the impact and reach of businesses of all sizes through increasing organic traffic, enhancing customer engagement and significantly boosting online conversions.

Website: https://www.digitalpresence.com.au


Mark is a regular commentator on tax matters for a variety of Australian broadcast and print media outlets.In addition to his columns in Money Magazine and My Business magazine, he has written for a variety of national publications such as The Australian Financial Review, The Daily Telegraph, The Age and Business Spectator.Previously, Mark was a tax adviser for over 20 years, specialising in individual and small business tax, in both the UK and Australia.

As well as operating his own private practice, Mark spent seven years as a Senior Director with the Australian Taxation Office.Mark is a Chartered Accountant, CPA and Chartered Tax Adviser and holds a Masters of Tax Law from the University of New South Wales.

Website: www.hrblock.com.au/

Nick Butler – Network Administrator at Hotline IT

Nick has a strong history working as a System Admin/Technician, and worked as one for a number of years prior to joining Hotline IT in April 2005.

Simon Marmot -  Marketing Accelerator Coach from Marmot Inc

Simon Marmot, The Marketing Accelerator Coach from Marmot Inc. Marketing. For 25 years I have been working in Sales, Advertising, Marketing and mastering digital transformations for businesses globally. I was the Marketing Director of Mamamia, WHO & TIME Magazine, and the Founding Head of CUDO which was the fastest Australian start-up and business in 2011.

Meena Wahi - Director of Cyber Data-Risk Managers - specialist insurance brokers for Cyber / Data breach Insurance

Meena connects with SMEs by speaking at variousconferences and forums to  share about how risks and liabilities are evolving for SMEs in the digital world. Meena has an MBA from Monash University.

John Catibog - Director, Indagard Insurance Services

If you use the internet for business, you face risks that businesses if the past didn’t have. John Catibog is a Business Insurance Broker and the Director of Indagard Insurance Services. With a Diploma in Insurance Broking and a Bachelor in Computer Science with Deakin University, he can help you understand, and protect against, the threats to your business in the digital age. His added knowledge in business, marketing and supply chain helps in giving you expert advice on the right cover to keep your business thriving.

Leela Cosgrove - Founder of the 8 Percent

Leela Cosgrove wasn’t supposed to become the founder of a successful company. She grew up in a housing commission suburb in Brisbane, surrounded by violence, drug use, and the ongoing rhetoric that she would amount to nothing. She refused to submit to the expectations set for her, defying the odds and escaping the cycle of poverty she saw around her by starting her own business and growing it into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Her boutique consulting firm, Strategic Anarchy, was named as one of the top 250 fast-growth companies in the Asia Pacific region (amongst the top 50 of Australian companies named) for 2018 by respected financial publication, the Financial Times. Founder of The 8 Percent – a group of unique thinkers and top 8 Percent in their industry trailblazers whose end goal is to make the world better through pioneering advances in business, science, the arts and literature, Leela is a creative entrepreneur, publisher and entrepreneurial activist.

Nicole Wagenecht - Sales Manager | Partner Channel at ReachLocal ANZ

Nicole Wagenecht is the Sales Manager | Partner Channel at ReachLocal ANZ, an innovative, fast-paced company that helps local business get more out of their marketing. Over the course of her career, Nicole has been training and working with sales and services teams on how to be the trusted advisor to their clients. She’s an expert in guiding businesses along the Path-to-Purchase, showcasing how digital media can help achieve business goals and demonstrating exactly what works.