Nardia Dazkiw

Alex Gouramanis

Alex leads a national team of FX consultants specialising in assisting businesses to facilitate their international trade requirements. Alex’s qualifications in International Business and Global...
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James Melrose

Like you, James understands the importance of cash flow to ensure healthy and sustainable business growth. James has extensive experience in risk underwriting and over...
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Adam Curtis

Adam brings on board a cross-functional product strategy, execution and wealth of financial analysis experience. His key focus areas are the payment processing and financial...
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Justin Hall

With over 15 years in Financial Services, Justin is well versed in building strategic partnerships, with specific focus around collaboration and mutually beneficial relationships.

Morry Morgan

Morry Morgan is a Mandarin-speaking, 4th Industrial Revolution tech junkie who has worked in the field of microbiology, hydrogen fuel cells, IoT and cyber-security. A...
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