Jane Harris

Founder - Jane is PR

Jane Harris

Founder - Jane is PR


Is a professional copywriter, content specialist, journalist, editor and PR practitioner. Her skill base is as diverse as the brands and industries she has worked with; Booking.com, Chadstone the Fashion Capital, Christian Dior, The Cool Hunter, Debenhams, The Gap, Giorgio Armani, Lumo Energy, National Hearing Care, Porsche Cars Australia, realestate.com.au, Target, Tesco, Vision 2020Australia, Webjet, together with small independent businesses.

Her communications skills are shaped by a successful 25-year career working with international brands through to not-for-profits. Breaking rules intelligently to achieve impossible outcomes that result in commercial and brand benefit, encapsulates her work ethos.

Website – janeispr.com

LinkendIn –  /jane-harris-852b549a


All session by Jane Harris

Marketing for growth

14:00PM - 16:30PM
Theatre A

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