SME Roundtable with BOQ

Thursday, 29th June 2017, 1:00PM – 1:45PM
ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour, Hall 1, Theatre B

Presented by

The purpose of this discussion is to explore the impact that emotional stress can have on small business owners, the effect it has on their personal wellbeing and how financial institutions and SME creditors can better support Australia’s small business owners.

With BOQ’s recently commissioned Business Balance Report indicating that more than one in 10 SME owners in Australia has been diagnosed with depression, stress or anxiety, this is an essential conversation that the industry needs to have.

Hosted by Bank of Queensland the roundtable will be facilitated by esteemed finance journalist, Dana McCauley (Finance Editor,


  • Stephanie Thompson, Corporate Psychologist
  • Anne Scott, Principal Advisor at the Australia Small Business and Family Enterprise
    Ombudsman’s office
  • Tony Simmons, SME owner from Sydney (JetBlack Australia)


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