Small Business Financial Challenges

28 Jun 2017
10:30AM - 12:15PM
Theatre B

Uncertainty in global markets, credit liquidity, financial literacy as well as obstacles with respect to lack of access to mainstream finance, working capital and cashflow are some of the financial challenges faced by SMEs. Failure to address these critical challenges can be detrimental to a small business.

Join us in this seminar session to learn why savvy SMEs are turning to non-bank lenders, ways to reduce risks associated with late payments and how to manage currency risks to improve profit margin and cash flow.

Topics includes:

  • Keeping the Financial Sector on its Toes – Why Savvy SMEs are Turning to Non-bank Lenders – Speaker: Aris Allegos, Co-founder and CEO – Moula
    “Aris Allegos, CEO and Co-founder of Moula, discusses how the emerging industry of online lenders is working to improve access to capital for small businesses. He’ll cover the evolution of the industry, how the availability of online data is influencing the efficiency at which capital is provided; the importance of the quality of this data; and how savvy small business owners are using their online profile to apply for finance to grow.”
  • Managing currency risk in a Dynamic business environment – Speaker: Simon Bishop – Director, Corporate Hedging, APAC at Western Union Business Solution
    “In today’s volatile economy, the currency market plays a significant role in profit margins and your ability to budget with accuracy. Currency hedging can help you do business with more certainty. In this session, the speaker explains how hedging can help stabilise profits and will take you through the 4 steps to hedging”
  • Super Challenges for SMEs – How to meet your obligations and keep it simple – Speaker: Ash Brady, National Manager Business Accounts – Australian Super
    “Ash Brady, National Manager Business Accounts at Australian Super, discusses the key pain points faced by SMEs when managing their superannuation obligations. She provides tips and tools to simplify super for SMEs and explains how selecting the right default super fund can make a difference to your employee’s retirement”



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