Planning & Action: Key to Business Success

29 Apr 2017
10:30AM - 12:30PM
Theatre A

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you’ve got there? As a business owner and executive, one of the most important decision you’ll have to make is whether you want things to happen by default or by design.

This FREE seminar session focuses on helping you to get there …wherever you want to go

Topics include:

  • Growing Medium Sized Businesses– Speaker: Mike Rich, Co-Founder of Attaché Software & NFP M-Institute
    “What happens to businesses as they continue to grow over the years and move out of the “small” business space to reach the medium space? This presentation is all about you! Mike co-founded Attaché Software in 1984 when the first PC was released to provide business systems to medium-sized businesses (MSBs). Attaché became one of the top providers of accounting software with 70,000 users across Australasia. As one of the first local start-ups Mike will share valuable insights into his formula for success as well as the pitfalls and challenges he learned along the way.”
  • Three Stages to Success – Speed Planning Workshop – Speaker: Michele Carson, Principal – Influence
    “Goal setting, planning and action are essential in creating successful SMEs. Yet so many business owners make the costly mistake of ignoring these because they think ‘it’s too hard’ or ‘they don’t have the time’! Michele Carson identifies the crucial competitive advantages goal setting, planning and strategic action provide for SMEs; why they are worth investing time and resources in; and how you can easily integrate these practices into your business – starting right now! This fast paced, hands on workshop is speed planning for your business.”
  • Key Metrics of Peak Performing Businesses – Speaker: Anna Samios, Business Strategist – Samios Partners Chartered Accountants
    “Business is a maths equation – gaining clarity in the numbers to hit each week makes all the difference. Join Anna Samios as she shares quick and simple financial and non-financial measures that will help you keep a finger on your business’ pulse. What you measure, you can manage – it’s the difference that helps businesses achieve peak performance”
  • Maximise the Value of your Business – the Importance of Succession Planning – Speaker: Craig West, Managing Director – Succession Plus
    “Most business owners go into business planning to maximise the value and extract that value (most often by selling) when they exit. But the research tells us most don’t have a plan or strategy around how to do this, and therefore often fail to either maximise the value or extract the value, or both. Craig West, Managing Director at Succession Plus, shares the latest research and key issues that help business owners obtain maximum value and achieve a successful exit, and outlines why a succession plan is necessary for every business owner, big or small.”

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