SME Workforce – Trends, Tips & Technology

28 Jun 2017
10:30AM - 12:30PM
Theatre B

When it comes to running a successful business, one of the most often cited challenge small business owners face is staffing – finding, retaining, motivating and keeping them. Not to mention the compliance risks and costs associated with poor hiring and management practices.

In this session, you’ll hear from our industry experts discuss:

  • The cost of a bad hire and how to avoid it
  • How to attract and retain staff in a competitive environment
  • The key pain points faced by SMEs when managing their superannuation obligations and the tools available to simplify super for SMEs
  • HR processes to assist with compliance with Australian employment laws

Topics include:

  • Marrying Talent with Technology: Digital Trends Impacting Businesses and their Ability to Attract and Maintain Talent – Speaker: Simon Gallagher, Managing Director – Drake Allegiance (DrakeHUB)
    “Pervasive collaboration of technology and the push towards freelance and portfolio careers is reshaping the workforce and re-configuring long established norms of employment. Maturing digital customers and the rise of the millennial generation results in not only a new type of customer, but also a new kind of employee with different outlooks and aspirations. Simon will shed light on:
    • Optimally transforming products, business models and processes to stay competitive and be winners on the playing field
    • Adapting to diverse and more agile ways of working across ecosystems based on partner-based collaborations
    • Monitoring core movements pertaining to people and talent sourcing strategies”
  • Common HR Mistakes and How to Avoid Them: What every employer needs to know! – Speaker: Sean Wilson, Chief Operating Officer – Workforce Guardian
    “Do you ensure good HR processes and full-compliance with Australian employment laws such as the Fair Work Act? Things like:
    – Hiring, Managing and Exiting Employees Effectively
    – Compulsory National Employment Standards
    – Employee Modern Award Entitlements
    – Record-Keeping & Pay-Slip Obligations
    If not, you may at risk of penalties of up to $54,000 per breach. And uncapped General Protections claims from current or prospective employees and contractors.
  • Accelerate your business performance | Cost effective, agile solutions for engaging talent – Speaker: Katriina Tahka, Co-CEO – A Human Agency
    “The Australian workforce is changing rapidly. You can see this is a risk or an opportunity. The opportunity for SME’s is to embrace change and think beyond permanent full-time employment as the only solution for building your team’s capability. By tapping into different approaches to engaging talent you can access the skills and experience of experts that would otherwise be out of your reach as a SME and super charge your business performance.

    In this session Katriina will share insights and her top tips for SME’s based on successful client case studies as well as the personal perspective of how A Human Agency has been able to accelerate it’s own performance as a rapidly growing SME by utilising different strategies for engaging top talent”


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