Navigating Digital Disruption – Insights & Tips for Small Business

28 Jun 2017
10:30AM - 12:15PM
Theatre A

Digital disruption transcends industry borders and doesn’t just impact big business. Look around and you’ll see that change is occurring at a dizzyingly rapid rate. Companies like General Motors, Borders, Brashs and Kodak had learnt the hard way. What can we learn from these experiences?

This highlight seminar session focuses on helping small businesses seize the opportunities of the digital economy and look for ways of using digital technology to improve their processes, products or to expand into new markets

Topics include:

  • Future Proof your Business – Speaker: Glen Carlson, Cofounder – Dent Global
    “There’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. Glen shares his thoughts and observations on the five key changes in the small business landscape over the next 5 years which will disrupt and impact it for the better: baby boomers turning 70, the millennial mindset, technology unemployment, government inefficiencies, and systemic collapse. Glen will demonstrate how to surf the waves of change to grow a successful and lasting enterprise.”
  • Data Security for SMEs – Speaker: Ted Pretty, Chief Executive Office and Managing Director – Covata
    “In today’s data-driven, hyper-connected digital age, more data is collected, stored and shared than ever before. The benefits this information brings to organisations is undeniable, but as data sets expand and grow in sensitivity, so does the associated cyber risk.In 2016, there were 4,149 confirmed breaches which exposed 4.2 billion records, and it is estimated that fighting global cybercrime will cost USD$6 trillion by 2021. Whether through cyberattack, a malicious internal leak or an accidental internal breach, organisations of every size and every industry vertical are vulnerable to the ongoing battle to safeguard sensitive information. Failure to do so means risking substantial costs, penalties, reputational damage and loss of business.

    Ted Pretty, CEO and MD of technology firm Covata, will explain how small to medium organisations can:

    • understand the true value of their sensitive information
    • ask the right questions when scrutinising security vendor solutions
    • develop and implement practical strategies for data-centric security”
  • Navigating Your Business through Digital Disruption – Speaker: Rebecca Burrows, General Manager Small Business – Australia Post
    “Every business, large or small, faces both the challenges and the opportunities presented by an era defined by digital disruption. Disruption isn’t new to Australia Post but the constantly accelerating rate of change is. Find out what we’ve learnt along the way, how it helps us serve you better, and what tips we can share to help you navigate your small business through rapid change in an immediately global environment.”

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