Marketing for growth

29 Jun 2017
14:00PM - 16:30PM
Theatre A

To achieve growth you must drive awareness, attract and retain more customers for your small business. When every dollar counts, the thought of marketing can be overwhelming and an added stress!

The good news is that marketing doesn’t have to be expensive – you can market your small business on a shoestring budget!

Attend this seminar session to gain the latest information and insights from small business marketing experts and a suite of best-practice strategies designed for you to implement to grow your business.

Topics include:

  • GoDaddy’s Marketing Strategies for SMEs
    • Offline and Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics – Speaker: Dean Salakas, CEO, & GoDaddy customer began in 1985 and today employ more than 40 people and is Australia’s most visited online party supply store. In this session, Dean shares his offline and digital marketing strategies and will cover the following topics:

      • Agile Marketing- Creating differentiation and competitive advantage as a Small Business, and the resources available for help
      • How to have an unlimited marketing budget: Simple formula for success, determine your cost to sell and then sell for that cost as much as possible.
      • Lead generation hacks-Networking (BNI, Industry Events, create a peer network) – Givers gain Free Marketing through PR and influencers- Brand building through Online Bloggers, Celebrities, Instagramers etc.
      • Developing a good website- Building a simple mobile optimised, SEO and Social friendly Social Media Marketing
    • Utilising local top-level domain names to boost SEO and SEM – Speaker: James Brown, Marketing Director, Neustar Inc
      “New research into SEO, SEM and country/city-specific domain names suggests that many businesses can do better with a local domain. In this session, James addresses improving brand recall in online and offline marketing efforts as well as sharing proven case studies demonstrating these tactics, from small business to iconic brands”
  • Why Blog? – Speaker: Jane Harris – Jane is PR
    “How do you let people know how great you are in a cluttered market and on a budget? This session will illustrate how you can achieve this with a blog; highlighting the benefits, how to create a strategy, amplifying the content and tracking it.”

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