Growth & Profitability Strategies for SMEs

28 Jun 2017
14:00PM - 16:30PM
Theatre A

How do you re-invent your business!? How do you recover from a business downturn!? How do you give your business a competitive edge to take it to the next growth phase!?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 60 percent of small businesses fail within the first three years of operating. Australian small businesses are not only struggling to survive, they are finding it even harder to thrive.

Whether you are a b2b or b2c business, you’ll have found that rising labour costs, changing customer needs and preferences, other expenses and increasing global competition have put a big crimp on your revenue and profits.

Register to attend this seminar session to hear experts share advice and strategies to grow your business and make it more profitable.

Topics include:

  • Correlation between digital technology and growth – Speaker: Andrew Mumford, Chief Sales Officer – MessageMedia Group
    “Digital technology is redefining the competitive landscape and how businesses, large and small communicate and connect with customers & prospects. With ‘smart’ device ownership more than doubling since 2010, mobile technology disruption is a growth engine for SME’s looking to facilitate deeper customer engagement, build loyal relationships and provide differentiated service levels. This session will explore how businesses can harness mobile technology to create additional value and develop a customer-centric business model to accelerate growth.”
  • Connect with your Customers in a More Meaningful Way – Speaker: Rebecca Burrows, General Manager Small Business – Australia Post
    “How can you harness your existing customer base to help you attract and retain new customers, and ultimately increase sales? In this session, Nardia will give some practical insights into how you can actively engage with your customers to help you grow your business. This includes strategies to better connect with your customers through a range of channels, partnering with customers to help tell your story and how your employees can become your most valuable brand ambassadors
  • New Business Now: How to increase new business by 20% in 20 days while cutting costs, stress and frustration – Speaker: Ciaran McGuigan, MD & Founder – Strike Force Sales
    “In this condensed hands on workshop, News Business Development expert, Ciaran McGuigan will share his key principles, tactics and techniques to dramatically increase your sales results. Ciaran’s techniques are used by global and local organisations to create immediate and measurable revenue improvement. Whether you have a sales team of one or one hundred don’t miss this session it is packed with handouts, tips and real solutions you can use today.”

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