Grow Your Business With One Integrated Software System

23 Apr 2021
10:30 - 11:00
Stage A

Zoho One offers 45+ applications to run your business across sales, marketing, customer support, finance, back office operations, productivity and collaboration; as well as third party integrations and micro-services to enhance both your front and back-end operational efficiency. It is the ultimate Operating System for Business. This session will be ran by Zoho Evangelist, Lyra Mackay. Lyra’s role is to help to spread the word about Zoho’s unique products and culture. By attending a number of events across Australia and New Zealand, Lyra understands the underlying needs of businesses across a range of industries. She is excited to be at the forefront of Zoho’s Australian expansion and looks forward to working closely with customers in both Australia and across the globe whilst providing an education on Zoho’s powerful offerings.