Meet-The-Experts Roundtable

Thursday 29th June - ICC, Darling Harbour Sydney

This Thursday 29th June 2017, B2BEXPO 2017 Sydney – Free Entry – Register Online or at the EXPO door

Session 1: 11:00AM – 12:40PM
Session 2: 02:30PM – 04:10PM

What is Meet-The-Experts Roundtable

Meet-the-Experts Roundtable are mini-workshops designed for interactive discussion in a small group setting focusing on key small business challenges such as cyber security, international trade, technology, innovation, grants, staffing, marketing, business finance and regulations.

This is great opportunity for B2BEXPO Sydney attendees to connect and engage with industry experts, entrepreneurs and their cross-industry peers of similar interests, sharing challenges, trends strategies and solutions.

Attendees are invited engage with industry experts to address challenges pertinent to their business operations and gain valuable insight direction and solutions that they can apply. It is also a great way to network and meet other business owners and expand networks.


10 Roundtable Topics

Table 1

Selling Your Business for Retirement?

In the next 10 years, 80 per cent of Australia’s SMEs valued at roughly $3.5 trillion will retire. Many retiring baby boomers will look to sell their businesses to unlock funds for retirement

Problem 1: There is not enough equity in Australia to buy the businesses

Problem 2: The majority of business owners who are counting on selling their business to fund their retirement will not achieve their expectations.

If you’re considering selling your business, especially to fund your retirement, come and ask the experts on this roundtable what you need to do to prepare your business for sales and get the best value for your business.

Session 1 and 2

Robert Russi CPA
Director ABF Business

Michele Carson
Principal, Influence

Table 2

Digital Marketing – Tips from the Pros

  • Choosing the right social media platform for your business
  • How to advertise on Google Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • The importance of good website design – Why it matters, and how to pull it off
  • What does SEO and SEM mean and why are they important?
  • How to build an email list from zero
  • How to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts

Session 1

John Reynold
Director – Mediaworx Multi Media Agency

Drew Doolan
Founder & CEO, Site n Stores

Ban Selvakumar
Client Success Manager – APAC, LinkedIn

Session 2

Drew Doolan
Founder & CEO, Site n Stores

Louie Ramos
Co-Founder of Digital Presence

Ban Selvakumar
Client Success Manager – APAC, LinkedIn

Table 3

Mobility & Connectivity to Boost Your Competitiveness

  • Trends in small business adoption of mobile solutions
  • Why small business need a mobility strategy
  • How mobility gives Small Businesses an edge with customers
  • How to choose a technology partner
  • How are small businesses are benefiting from Mobile Apps

Session 1 and 2

Chris Bateman
General Manager at ECN Pty Ltd

Andrew Mumford
Chief Sales Officer – MessageMedia Group

Table 4

Scalable Technologies for Growing Business

  • Why scalable solutions matters for small business?
  • What must-have solutions are there to help me grow my business and give me a competitive edge over my competitors?
  • How do scalable solutions help small businesses act big, save time and money?
  • What do I need to consider when choosing a solution provider?

Session 1

Peter Kantarelis

Karen Ng
Co-founder & Global Director, Dragon Law

Karl Vizvary
Director of SMB Product & Propositions, Optus

Session 2

Karl Vizvary
Director of SMB Product & Propositions, Optus

Michael Thorburn
Head of Strategic Sales & Market Development, Serko

Nick Urry
Founding Partner, Dexterous Group

Table 5

Cyber Security Risks & Controls – Learn how to Protect Your Business

  • How worried should small businesses be regarding cyber security?
  • How to detect if your website or computers have been compromised
  • What steps small businesses can take to protect themselves
  • What legal and cyber security risks do you need to be aware of, and how do you manage them?
  • What are mandatory data breach notification rules, and what do they mean for your business?

Session 1

Hugh Stodart
Head of Product and Engineering, Covata

James Deady
Special Counsel, Hall & Wilcox

Small 2

Hugh Stodart
Head of Product and Engineering, Covata

Jacqui Barrett
Partner, Hall & Wilcox

Table 6

Government Help for Small Business: Grants & Support Services

Meet representatives from federal and state agencies to find out about the various sources of funding and support services available for businesses

Table 7

Financial Solutions for Small Business

  • Financing options for small business
  • Financing considerations
  • Tips for a successful business loan
  • Managing cash flow

Session 1

Greg Pink
Head of Commercial Lending, BOQ
Don Cunnington
Frank Sterle
COO, GetCapital

Session 2

Greg Pink
Head of Commercial Lending, BOQ
Paul McCann
COO, MoneyTech
Leigh Dunsford
Director & Co-founder, Waddle

Table 8

Going Global: Opportunities, Challenges & Help Available

  • Government help for exporters
  • Getting connected global as SME
  • What opportunities are there for my business in China?
  • Financial considerations when exporting
  • Effect of exchange rate on business and reduce the uncertainty around exchange rate movements
  • Supply-chain management and considerations
  • What are the fiscal risks associated with international trade?

Session 1

Steven Foo
Head of Asia Business Development (ECommerce & International), Australia Post

Leela Hanson
Director Business Development, SME – EfiC

Ronny Ulrich Jensen
Senior Business Consultant, Western Union Business Solutions

Session 2

Ronny Ulrich Jensen
Senior Business Consultant, Western Union Business Solutions

Elena Kirillova
State Director, NSW/ACT, Austrade

Table 9

HR Challenges for SMEs and How to Tackle Them

  • How can I get people to stay working with me?
  • How do I avoid hiring the wrong people
  • How do I ensure that we are not in breach of wages and conditions
  • What are the common pitfalls relating to employing staff?
  • How do I attract talent to a small company without a recognised brand?
  • When is the best time to introduce performance plans?

Session 1

Sean Wilson
Chief Operating Officer – Workforce Guardian
Simone Gigg
Principal, A Human Agency

Session 2

Sean Wilson
Chief Operating Officer – Workforce Guardian
Nick Antonopoulos
Head of Talent Management Solution – Drake International
Mark Lewis
Co-Founder & CEO – Crewmojo

Table 10

Finding & Keeping Customers in the Digital Age

Consumers today have short attention spans and an excess of options, and how do you adjust your strategy to not only drive sales but retain their loyalty?

Session 1 and 2

Ciaran McGuigan
MD, Strike Force Sales Pty Ltd
Mark Innes
LinkedIn Social Selling Coach, SalesITV

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