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Connecting Australia business to China – Asia, ABF Business is a platform for business to connect with buyers, potential investors and joint venture partners. ABF Business provides a comprehensive business for sale brokerage acting on behalf of vendors and Chinese investors, with an experienced in-house team of professionals led by a CPA.

ABF Business is ideally positioned across a range of business services including capital raising, joint ventures, investment projects, business for sale, transition planning and M & A.


Website: www.chinaconnections.com.au

Boutique Coffee

We are focused on providing tailored beverage solutions. We’ll help you decide on the most cost-effective and efficient way to provide great tasting quality coffee to your staff and customers.

Whether you need one coffee machine or several for different locations, we are focused on providing your establishment with tailored beverage solutions.

You will receive professional advice on the right system for your office or workplace. We offer you exceptional service with the perfect coffee system to suit your specific requirements. You can also rely on us for a wide variety of high quality consumable items.

Website www.boutiquecoffeeatwork.com.au


DreamWalk is one of Australia’s leading mobile app development companies, located in Melbourne, Victoria.

With more No. 1 apps than any other Australian app developer and a history of mobile innovation, DreamWalk is the app development partner trusted by brands and entrepreneurs who want to change the world.

The team at DreamWalk have developed iPhone apps, Android apps and web-based solutions for the likes of Coca-cola, New Mexico Tourism, Arts Victoria, Hardie Grant Publishing, Melbourne University, Holmesglen Institute and Foodworks Australia among others.

DreamWalk was founded in 2009 with the development of their ground breaking, location-aware, Mobile Treasure Hunt application.

Our ethical app development charter sets us apart from our competitors and has positioned us as Australia’s most trusted app developer, since 2009.

Website: www.dreamwalk.com.au

Foxtel Business

Foxtel is a leading Australian pay television company offering brilliant entertainment solutions for businesses. Providing small businesses with news, music, sport and great entertainment making because the right impression can make all the difference to your business. Foxtel can help you make a positive impression where it counts, no matter what line of business you’re in. Whether it’s a lunchroom sweetener that keeps employees happy, or a smart addition to the reception area, Foxtel helps improve staff satisfaction and create the right atmosphere for customers.

Website: www.foxtel.com.au


Website: www.insidesmallbusiness.com.au

Legal Vision

LegalVision is a commercial law firm with a commitment to innovation. We bring together lawyers and technologists to deliver efficient and cost-effective legal solutions for businesses. We work with the franchise industry and startups to run businesses, as well as working with larger companies who are seeking to unlock value through an innovative approach to legal services. It’s not in our nature to accept that the existing way of doing things is the best way. We are committed to constantly improving the delivery of legal services, so that we can keep offering our clients legal support that is useful and accessible.

Website: www.legalvision.com.au

Metro Diectics

For you, we need to calm the storm, fix the signalling, and address the issues in a way that makes sense for your body.
Then, you will be able to experience not being hungry all the time.
Then, you will know what a good night’s sleep really means.
Then, you can have a chance of seeing weight loss and increased energy levels exist within you, simultaneously.
Because, let’s be honest, eating broccoli 6 times a day has certainly not boosted your metabolism and helped you lose weight – it’s just made you hungrier, crankier and frankly, more disappointed in yourself.
In case you haven’t noticed, this is something I’m fiercely passionate about, and I’m dedicated to helping business owners like yourself really get to the bottom of this chemical shitstorm (aka: burnout) and what you need to be doing to actually fix it and starting shifting that weight properly.
So, if this is you, make sure you reach out to us at admin@metrodietetics.com.au

Website: www.metrodietetics.com.au

New Meta

New Meta is a boutique marketing and technology agency catering to the unique demands of small businesses that specialise in knowledge work.
We help our clients establish their authority and credibility in their marketplace to be able to stand out from the pack of wannabeís and low-cost imitations.

Website: www.newmeta.agency


“NO TO TEARS” is passionately driven to bring high-class fashion products with being eco-friendly and having a mission to eradicate animal cruelty.

We are the sole distributor of GOWMA™ brand selling 100% Vegan-leather handbags, backpacks, laptop bags, corporate gifts set and hotel accessories Australia wide.
All our Products are PETA Approved.

At B2BExpo we encourage businesses to adapt 100% up-cycled and ethically handmade vegan products. As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, adopting these products will demonstrate humanity and compassion.

Let us all join for this movement and make a conscious decision to save innocent lives and protect the environment.

Vegan is not only the trendy choice, it’s the ONLY choice.

Switch to VEGAN! Come Visit NO TO TEARS
Website: www.nototears.com.au
Email: info@nototears.com.au

PAY plus HR

PAY plus HR is Australia’s go-to service provider for Payroll and HR business solutions. We recognise the need to provide organisations of today with an accurate and cost-effective monthly pay-as-you-use fee schedule and / or consulting fees, as we grow with you. Our employer-branded Payroll Portal and integrated HRM systems are easy to use. Our company is also managed by a team of professionals in Payroll & HR. All HR, Payroll and ATO reporting & questions are answered by our team CPAs and expert practitioners from our offices in Melbourne. Through our Recruitment Pool affiliate, we also provide recruiting and career coaching services where we can also pay your new hire.
PAY plus HR also integrates with select corporate accounting systems and provides leading cloud based systems without the need to maintain server backup. The payroll and HRM function is readily available 24/7 from any device by you the user. PAY plus HR is easy to use, whether you’re processing payroll, a HR manager preparing for an employee’s performance appraisal or the Accountant / Financial Controller reviewing the health of your Payroll and HR Departments. Call our team today on 1300 781 376 for a no obligation discussion and proposal.

Website: www.payplushr.com.au

Voda Connect

Voda Connect is leading the way to provide small businesses cost effective VOIP solutions before traditional wire-based landlines become obsolete. We promise cost savings, no lock-in contracts ever, improved security, local customer support and a complete telecommunications solution. Our class 4/5 switch, billing and cloud PBX platform mean that your solution can be exclusively tailored to a business’s needs and size.

Website: www.praxiscomm.com

ProSMART Pty Ltd

ProSMART simplified this process significantly by taking away the confusion. Large amounts of knowledge is simplified and transformed, streamlining activities.

Through our patented platform and learning techniques, we are helping eliminate cost, risk and lost opportunity so your company can grow and thrive and turn an intangible asset of know-how into a systematised capability giving you a competitive advantage and saleable assets.

Our solution makes retrieval of information simple, incredibly quick and easy to do …. And more importantly, tailored for the user.

If you’re ready to stop the business insanity email us at contactus@prosmart.com, visit us at www.prosmart.com and come by and see us at the B2B Expo in 2019

Storage King

Storage King is Australasia’s largest self-storage company, with over 150 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. Storage King’s primary objective is to maintain its position as the number one self-storage brand in Australasia through its network of convenient storage locations, wide range of boxes and packing materials and its trusted choices in moving solutions. Storage King The Kings of Storage, Moving and More.

Website: www.storageking.com.au

Strategic Anarchy

Strategic Anarchy is a sales and marketing company, known for our revolutionary approach to selling and our hyper creative marketing. Through our online programs and live events, we have helped thousands of businesses change their approach and attitude towards sales, resulting in huge, measurable growth.

Strategic Anarchy was founded by Leela Cosgrove in 2009. With a writing and product-creation background, Leela became well-known for her ability to productise anything for her clients. When Gulliver Giles joined the company in 2010, bringing years of sales and sales training experience with him, Strategic Anarchy was on its way to becoming one of the most sought after marketing and sales coaching companies for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Website: www.StrategicAnarchy.com


Innercode is Australia’s only consulting firm specialising in the software and technology industry. Among the few in our profession, we are dedicated to providing resources to ensure the continuous growth of companies within the software and technology sector.

Years of industry experience has allowed us to gain all the necessary knowledge in order to protect our clients, maximise their claims and save them from the time consuming process.

Our combined understanding of R&D and Tax disciplines not only provides the required compliance of tax and accounting, but unlocks the entitled benefits of the federally funded R&D Tax Incentive scheme.

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