About B2B EXPO 2021

Our mission is to help small and medium businesses to engage, connect and grow

High-quality exhibitors

We’re taking care of your business. Discover new and innovative ideas to manage and grow your business across any industry.

Join us for an exciting and rewarding two days of networking, innovation, trends, tech and educational seminars from industry leaders and experts.

Networking opportunities

Mix at Six: interact with business owners, industry professionals and engaged visitors

Business Essentials: learn from business leaders, government representatives and industry experts

One-stop-shop event

Ensure you have the right tools, services, knowledge and technology to grow your business in 2021.

B2B EXPO 2021 recognises the many challenges that SMEs face, and serves as a platform for business owners to showcase products and services and access the latest tools for success. 


Join high-quality engaged visitors at B2B EXPO 2021

  • Showcase new ideas, proven technology and cutting edge products and services designed to solve the challenges faced by SMEs
  • Network with peers in your industry and connect with new suppliers, service providers, industry experts and government representatives
  • Develop business leads, engage new customers and build brand awareness
  • Gain invaluable industry knowledge and insights into international markets


Join small business owners from Australia and around the world, who all have the primary agenda of improving and growing their business. 


Returning for its fifth year, B2B EXPO 2021 offers the opportunity to showcase your product or service and connect with engaged and relevant visitors.


Position your brand within a highly targeted environment and generate brand awareness through strategic exposure. 

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Australian Business Forum
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B2B EXPO 2021 is backed by the ABF Group.

For more than a decade, ABF has been a market leader in the small-to-medium business (SME) sector. From facilitating Australian-Asian trade and investment deals to organising large-scale conferences, expos and corporate events, ABF is focused on developing and empowering SMEs.