27-28th April 2017, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
21-22 June 2017, Australian Technology Park



27-28th April 2017 - Melbourne
21-22nd June 2017 - Sydney

Following the success of the inaugural B2B EXPO 2016 that hosted over 5,000 visitors and 180 exhibitors across Melbourne and Sydney, ABF is delighted to present B2B Expo 2017.

Scheduled to be presented in both Melbourne (27th – 28th April, Melbourne Exhibition Center) and Sydney (21st – 22nd June, Australian Technology Park), the B2B Expo 2017 is an ideal platform for members Australia’s growing small business industry to connect with key services and develop their business strategies and solutions.

B2B Expo 2017 allows visitors and exhibitors to facilitate even further growth of this industry. B2B Expo 2017 presents the Mix at Six networking event, as well as the Free Seminar Series both of which offer unique opportunities for business leaders, government representatives, and VIP guests to network and discuss the trends, conditions, and solutions of Australia’s market.

B2B Expo 2017 is a not to miss event that provides Australia’s small businesses a launchpad for strategic development.

Past Event B2BEXPO 2016

The inaugural B2BEXPO 2016 was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on the 27-28th of April and at the Sydney Hordern Pavilion on the 1-2nd of June 2016. Over 150 exhibitors and 5,000 visitors attended in Melbourne & Sydney, which showcased Australia’s booming SME industry.

VIPs including The Hon. Philip Dalidakis, Victorian Minister of Small Business, Innovation and Trade, the Hon. Bruce Atkinson, President of the Victorian Legislative Council, Fady Daher, VP for Client Management at American Express, Rose Verspaandonk, Manager of Economic Branch at the Department of Employment and Mark Caltabiano, Vice President Solution Consulting, Australia & New Zealand Oracle Corporation, presented and attended at B2BEXPO 2016.

Download Event Review B2BEXPO 2016

We’ve had an incredible time here at B2BEXPO. Spreading the word that Oracle can help small business to grow and innovate and we’ve been absolutely pleased in the response and turnout.

Heather Cook, Business Development Director - ANZ Middleware & Systems, Oracle

We have met a variety of businessess and stakeholders from both local markets and overseas. We have also enjoyed the B2BEXPOs ability to attract a range of businesses across a diverse range of industries.

Mike Uwland, Accredited Representative, Konica Minolta

I was surprised by the amount of people who were interested in selling into the B2B space. In essence, the B2B Expo is the coming together of providers and people curious about this space. I’d recommend this expo to any small business who is looking for a ‘one-stop-shop’ that they can spend a couple of hours at and learn a lot.

Boyd Peters, Director of Invcoms

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B2B Expo is organised by Australian Business Forum (ABF). Events organised by Australian Business Forum include- Australia China BusinessWeek, China Digital Conference, China Lunch Club and Asia Pacific Business Outlook, and host ABF Corporate Club.